Get Scorpio Man Back - What You Should Do

If you're looking to get your Scorpio man back, what you have to remember is that scorpio guys are wired differently from girls, which is part of what keeps things interesting. You cry over chick flicks, and he cries over his favorite team losing the game by 8 to 0 after an unexpected fumble from the quarterback. Or, if he's a bit of a soulful nerd (which is were you would have lucked out if you didn't break up with him), he'll cry over Chewbacca dying in Star Wars' Vector One at 200, after trying to save Han Solo's then young son, Anakin, from the hands of the evil Yuuzhan Vong. You get the picture.

Nonetheless, differences aside, you are positive that you guys would have been very happy together if you hadn't broken up. Well, there's still a way to get him back.

Look happy and ignore him

Well, don't ignore him completely, but keep things brief and pleasant. Don't let it get awkward or he'll go out of his way to avoid you. Make him feel comfortable even when you're around, but don't give him the satisfaction of being too accessible and don't be caught staring at him. Treat him the way you would, say, an acquaintance you had a fun coffee with. It's pleasant, but not pleasant enough to allow him to manipulate your time and resources like you're a couple again, without even officially sealing the deal. Otherwise, he'll take you for granted and think that you'll always be there.

It won't hurt to look happy about the way your life is without him either. Some guys who have broken up with girls expect a certain level of pining from the part of the girl. It's true. They know how you feel about them, especially since he's the one who ended things. Don't feed his ego be living up to those expectations.