Dating a Scorpio Man

In the desert, a wary traveler treads cautiously. And well she should. Venom from a scorpion's stinger can render its prey immobile!

Dating a Scorpio man may inspire similar caution. A Scorpio man has a lot in common with his desert namesake. But if you want a guy with passion, loyalty, and intelligence, Scorpio is your man!

To find out if you should be dating a Scorpio man, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Can you take what he has to give? If you are dating a Scorpio man, you get passion and power. Are you up for it? If he is going to invest himself in you, you have to be a woman of substance. A Scorpio pushes and prods to see what things are made of. Let him know who you are. Just don't make him responsible for your feelings. Though he makes judgments based on other's reactions, he'll resent being blamed. But if you are assertive and kind, you will reap the boundless benefits that dating a Scorpio man can give.

2) Can you pay attention? Can you switch focus quickly? You can't be self absorbed when dating a Scorpio man. Even if his timing is frustrating, he usually offers something helpful. If you need uninterrupted time, Scorpio will oblige if you let him know, kindly. But he expects your full attention the minute you are free. Never forget Scorpio needs to be heard. In return, he will be attentive and loyal.

3) Can you hand over the reins? A Scorpio has wondrous practical abilities but needs to be in control to apply his intuition and creativity. Sometimes your ideas will be better. You still have to let him follow his own before he can listen. Not fair, but if you learn his system, you will both be happier.

4) Can you dance on your toes? Being alert is crucial when dating a Scorpio man. A Scorpio will sometimes see threat where none is intended...and rile quickly. Remain calm and admit any wrongdoing on your part. Also, be a shape-shifter. When yesterday's rules no longer apply, it will get you nowhere to point out inconsistencies. Go with his flow. If things take a bad turn, back off and get out of his way! He will bounce back before long.

5) Can you see with X-ray vision? Things are not always as they appear when you are dating a Scorpio man. He may say one thing and think another. It takes time to learn his language. And speaking of appearances, don't be stuck on superficial signs of romance. Scorpio doesn't follow the rules. Instead of roses in February, you may get your toaster fixed. Or nothing. Why should he let the calendar-and Hallmark-control his actions? He gives when and what he thinks is best. But he can also appreciate sensory delights. So don't be shocked to find scented candles next to newly framed pictures of you two.

Success in dating a Scorpio man can take some effort. The good news is that he will make it worth your while. Look for stimulating and warm companionship, loyal friendship, and passionate love.